Aboriginal Art Centres

Art centres are a vital part of community life for many Aboriginal artists. They facilitate the creation of art and craft. They may supply materials, workspaces, professional development and advice, promotion and marketing, documentation, business management services, and access to arts and crafts markets. Some have gallery spaces but this is not a necessary component of an art centre. Similarly, Aboriginal art galleries in regional towns or capital cities are not necessarily associated with Aboriginal art

In addition to this, and perhaps more importantly, Aboriginal art centres connect artists and unite communities. They provide much-needed income and employment opportunities as well as vital inter-generational links, ensuring connections to culture and
country are strong. In this way, they strive to create an effective balance between economic activities and socio-cultural functions.

But even more than this, art centres can provide the resources and a focus for meaningful activity. Engagement in artistic activity can, in many instances, provide a bridge between cultures and between communities as well as social services such as health, education, justice and others.