Why Buy From Aboriginal Art Centres?

When buying Aboriginal artwork, how do you know who created it? Was the artist fairly paid? How do you know if that work was created as a means of personal expression or if it was created under duress? These are key issues of concern in the Australian Indigenous art industry.

However, when you buy artwork from a recognised Aboriginal art centre you are purchasing an authentic work of art in an ethical way.

Aboriginal art centres are governed by Aboriginal people – the artists themselves, and because art centres sell works on commission that means the artist gets a share of the sale price and he/she reinvests a portion of the income back into the art centre.  In turn, the art centre performs a range of functions which support established, emerging, and novice artists in culturally sensitive ways.

Buying artworks from Aboriginal art centres not only ensures that the money paid goes directly to support the artist and his or her community, but it also guarantees the work purchased is authentic.

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