Australian Copyright Council 2012 Seminars

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Key Dates:

25 to 28 June 2012 (seminar program dates)

Venue: State Library of WA

The Copyright Council is offering a range of practical seminars to assist creators and users of copyright material on how to work with copyright in the digital age.

Copyright impacts on everyone in their professional and personal lives today.The 2012 seminar program is designed to provide a practical understanding of the latest copyright laws and applications.

The seminars are delivered by Copyright Council lawyers who are expert in the field of copyright law. The program is tailored for general audiences, educational institutions, libraries and government and covers such topics as "Copyright Essentials", 'Websites, Blogs and Social Media' and 'Doing Business Online: Copyright Issues and Business Models'.

The 2012 Copyright Council seminars will be held in Perth from June 25 to 28. If you think you or your business will benefit from attending, see here for a full listing of the 2012 Copyright Council seminar program.



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