Koolark Koort Koorliny Public Program

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Key Dates:

8 September, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Join Noelene White, daughter of caretakers of the Carrolup Native Settlement, as she discusses her recollections of her formative years at Carrolup with John Curtin Gallery Director, Chris Malcolm.

The Carrolup Native Settlement's Headmaster Noel White and his wife Lily, are universally acknowledged for their inspired vision. They provided the opportunities for the children at Carrolup to create the artworks that form the Koolark Koort Koorliny exhibition during their brief but remarkable tenure teaching at the Settlement's school from 1946-1951. When they arrived at Carrolup in May 1946, they found the conditions unacceptable and soon set about making changes for the benefit of all students - including the provision of new clothes, and overhauling the Settlement's kitchen to provide more nutritious meals for the children.  Within a few weeks of their arrival, they discovered the power that art could play in these children's lives as a catalyst for transformation. This realisation heralded the beginning of this period of flourishing Noongar culture we have come to know as Carrolup Art.

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