Resale Royalty Scheme Review

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Key Dates:

12 July (submission closes)


The Australian Government is conducting a review of the resale royalty scheme for visual artists.

Under the artists' resale royalty scheme, artists receive royalties on certain resales of their work. Since the scheme was launched in June 2010, it has generated over $1.5 million in royalties from more than 6,800 resales.

The review will look at:
  • whether the scheme has achieved its objectives of providing artists with recognition of their on-going rights in their art and an additional source of income
  • the impact on visual artists, the Australian art market, art market professionals and consumers
  • any changes that could enhance the operation of the scheme.

This is your opportunity to provide feedback on how the scheme is functioning and whether you think it is supporting Australia's visual artists. To make a submission to the review or find out more visit



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