Australian Copyright Council: Seminar Program (Perth, WA)

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Key Dates:

28-30 July 2014

The Australian Copyright Council offers a range of practical and informative seminars on Australian copyright law to assist people dealing with content in the digital age. Their skilled presenters will ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities in relation to copyright law.

The Seminar Program - GENERAL AUDIENCE, to be held on Monday 28 July 2014, will address the following topics:

Copyright Essentials

• What is intellectual property?

• What does copyright protect?

• How long does copyright last?

• How do you get copyright protection?

• Who owns copyright?

• When is copyright infringed?


CleaCopyright Material Offline
and Online

Clearing Copyright Material Offline and Online

• When is permission required?

• How to get permission

• Points to address in licensing agreements

• Licensing for websites and social media

• Choosing domain names

• Linking

• Tips for managing risk


Using Online Technologies

• Social media

How to limit copyright liability online

• Takedown notices - what are they and how do they

• Digital rights management

• Copyright and cloud computing

• Key issues for online retailers

• International issues

For further information, visit the Australian Copyright Council website.



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