Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Key Dates:

Submissions will be accepted until Friday 27 February 2015.

Arts Animates Category. This award recognises excellence by local governments in driving community engagement and participation in the arts.

The National Awards for Local Government is an annual celebration of Australian local government achievements. The Awards spotlight innovative and resourceful solutions that local governments have implemented to make a difference to their local communities.

The Awards recognise the important role of local governments in delivering targeted quality services to Australians in urban and regional communities, and celebrates local government projects that demonstrate leading practice, deliver better outcomes for communities, have the potential to be rolled out across the country and make a meaningful difference.

The Arts Animates Category Award recognises excellence by local governments in driving community engagement and participation in the arts which:

  • Encourages innovative opportunities for participation in artistic activities;
  • supports new arts or cultural activities by artists and organisations that bring the community together and celebrates local identity;
  • promotes cross-sector partnerships, networks or collaborations, and;
  • builds sustainability and encourages commercial success for artists and organisations.

For example, councils could enter projects for this award which involved:

  • Showcasing emerging and experimental art forms initiated from creative collaborations and partnerships.
  • Establishing a local community arts, craft, music or theatre group and hosting associated public performances or exhibitions.
  • Support for professional development or employment for artists including: skills development, training or mentorship program linking emerging artists and communities with established professional artists.
  • Support for arts initiatives that have enabled young people, people with disability or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to celebrate and share arts and cultural activities with local or broader communities.
  • Designating public and private places for street, visual and/or performance art with strong community engagement.
  • Fostering opportunities for the enjoyment of the arts through broad community engagement with professional arts and cultural projects.

Award entries must be submitted using the on-line entry form available here.

If you are unable to access the on-line entry form, or if you require any additional information, please email the Awards team at Awards@infrastructure.gov.au



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