ART ON THE MOVE Touring Exhibition Round

Monday, 30 March 2015

Key Dates:

Applications close: Monday 04 May 2015 at 4pm.

Art on the Move invites organisations, artists, education institutions with collections, galleries and independent curators to submit a proposal for the Touring Exhibition Program.

ART ON THE MOVE, The National Exhibitions Touring Structure for Western Australia Inc., invites applications for the State Exhibition Touring Program.

Proposals are encouraged from organisations, education institutions with collections, galleries, independent curators, and artists for exhibitions which are designed specifically for touring within the ART ON THE MOVE Program.

ART ON THE MOVE objectives:

- To develop and tour diverse and challenging contemporary art exhibitions.

- To maximise access to touring exhibitions for audiences and the education sector.

- To raise the level of professional practice and skills to present exhibitions at the highest standards achievable.

- To maintain a sustainable and vibrant touring organisation and brand and contribute to the building of a strong and influential touring network.

For more info and an application form check out their website.



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