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May 17, 2018


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

On Friday 04 November 2016 the Regional Galleries Forum, presented by Art On The Move (AOTM), united WA’s visual arts sector with 88 people in attendance, 38 regional and metro arts organisations and galleries represented, and 23 artists and creatives. From the surveys and reports, AOTM successfully achieved their goal of hearing the voices of the Forum and of establishing a collective voice for the sector.

For all the information, outcomes and exciting
developments arising from the Forum read the full Regional
Galleries Forum Report 2016 HERE.

A working party has also been created to explore the potential
for a regional galleries group in WA. The following
organisations/individuals agreed to participate:

1. Barbara Douglas – Langford Islamic College (Metro)

2. James Davies – Art Gallery of WA (Metro)

3. John Maloney – Artist (Metro)

4. David Carson – Digital Artist/Lecturer (Metro)

5. David Bowman-Bright – The Bank Studio and Gallery Space (Mid

6. Julian Bowron – Bunbury Regional Arts Gallery (South

7. Diana McGirr – ArtGeo (South West)

8. Fiona Sinclair – Southern Forest Arts (South West)

9. Michelle Slarke – Artist/Heritage Consultant (South West)

10. Anna Czerkasow – Pemberton Arts Group (South West)

11. Janelle Cugley – Aurora Project Space (Wheatbelt)

12. Guy Boyce – CircuitWest Chairperson (State Wide)

13. Gary Aitken – Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery (State Wide)

14. Laura Taylor – Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia
(State Wide)

The Regional Galleries working group has sent a letter to
Department of Culture and the Arts, on behalf of the sector, in
response to ‘An Inquiry into the Visual Arts Sector in Western
Australia 2016’. With regards to supporting Aboriginal artists it

“Recognition and acknowledgement of the depth and strength of
Aboriginal culture is fundamental for all regional galleries and as
a result Aboriginal artists should, and often do, have
opportunities to access to services at their regional galleries.
Maintaining remote Aboriginal arts centres is an important
government priority but recognition should also be given to the
role of regional galleries in supporting artists and selling work.
In areas of the State where European settlement has largely been
swept away by intensive settlement and land use evidence of
Aboriginal culture regional galleries play a particularly important
role for artists who don’t have access to an arts centre and don’t
work in a recognisable regional style favoured by the market. More
can be done in this regard through measures such as encouraging
employment of Indigenous Arts Officers in regions where no arts
centre exists.”

The full letter is attached to the Regional Galleries Forum
Report 2016 and can be read HERE.



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