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May 17, 2018

EMPLOYMENT | Mowanjum Art Centre seeks new Manager

Friday, 28 April 2017

Key Dates:

Applications close: Sunday 14 May 2017

Would you like to manage one of Australia’s most dynamic Aboriginal art centres in one of Australia’s iconic locations?

Mowanjum Art Centre is an Aboriginal-owned and governed,
non-profit corporation located on the Gibb River Road, in the
Kimberley region of Western Australia. The corporation is a social
enterprise that aims to balance commerce and culture, and operate

The art centre services 245 artists, craftspeople, dancers
and singers and their children, from the three language groups of
people living in Mowanjum, Derby and outstations on the Gibb River
Road. It is a highly-valued community organisation with strong
partnerships in the region and beyond.

The main activities of the art centre include facilitating
the production and sale of paintings, limited edition prints and
artefacts; selling books and merchandise; undertaking special
projects; operating a multimedia and archive centre; staging the
annual Mowanjum Festival. Not to mention hosting thousands of
tourists every year.

About the manager position

Mowanjum Art Centre are looking for someone with a
combination of energy, experience, social and emotional
intelligence, integrity, curiosity, creativity and passion for
Indigenous art and culture.

The key responsibilities of the position are managing the
art centre, and overseeing business and financial operations
including supervising staff and volunteers. This includes ensuring
operating systems are effective, implementing policies, and
developing strategic relationships within the cultural, arts,
tourism, indigenous and economic development sectors.

The manager reports directly to the board of

How to apply

Request a copy of the applicant job package, which
includes selection criteria and an applicant guide, via email: ora@oric.gov.au

For more information about the position CLICK
or email: manager@mowanjumarts.com



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