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May 17, 2018

Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2016 | NOW OPEN

Friday, 29 January 2016

Key Dates:

Entries close: Friday 18 March 2016 (5pm Australian Central
Daylight Time)

The prize is an opportunity for artists to investigate the world around them, and present their perspectives on natural science. It encourages artists to make a statement about the scientific issues facing our planet, and offers a valuable platform for them to contribute to the environmental debate.

Any form of visual fine art is eligible for the Waterhouse
Prize, with the exception of photography.

To be eligible, the work must have been produced no earlier than
January 2014 and must relate to the natural world and the sciences
associated with it, such as biology, geology, astronomy, chemistry
and physics. Works relating to natural history are also

Works must not have any dimension greater than 2m in length and
must fit through a standard door unassembled (2m x 0.9m).

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