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May 17, 2018


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Key Dates:

Registrations open: March 2017. Registration will be open
to First Nations people only.

Marram-nganjinu biik-gurrin (We are Country) Cultural Summit | Yirramboi First Nations Arts Festival | 08 – 10 May 2017 | Melbourne VIC, Australia

Marram nganjinu biik-gurrin is a place and time where First
Nations leaders from across Australia and the world will shake up
and shape the future of arts and cultural practice in community and
on country. Held on the lands of the Kulin nation in Melbourne,
Marram-nganjinu biik-gurrin, led by ACCELERATE alumni Jacob Boehme
and Peter White, is a ground-breaking international event
consisting of a First Nations Cultural Summit and Creation Lab.

The three-day Cultural Summit (08-10 May) will help forge
a new direction of leadership in the cultural and creative sectors.
First Nations leaders from Australia and internationally will
explore where First Nations sit within the broader cultural
ecology, and champion ways to employ the inherent rights First
Nations have in managing and defining their individual and
collective cultural and creative futures.

Running in tandem with the Summit, the five-day Creation
Lab (08-12 May) invites First Nations artists to challenge the role
and influence of western performance methodologies and explore
dramaturgy through the cultural lens of First Nations peoples.
Creation Lab will provide a space for international First Nations
collaboration, exchange and the seeding of new works.

Marram-nganjinu biik-gurrin (We are Country) Cultural Summit

will take place from 08-12 May 2017 in Melbourne VIC, Australia as
part of YIRRAMBOI First Nations
Arts Festival





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