Healthway - Arts and Community Events Sponsorship Program

    From 19/05/2011 to 19/05/2015

    The primary purpose for Healthway’s Arts and Community Events Sponsorship Program is to provide sponsorship support for community based arts and culture activities such as festivals, theatre/dance productions, concerts, exhibitions and workshops and where there is a significant opportunity to change behaviours and environments to improve health.

    The objectives of the Arts and Community Events Sponsorships program are:

    • To encourage healthy lifestyles through the effective promotion of health messages relating to Healthway priority areas
    • To facilitate structural and policy change within organisations and venues to create healthy environments
    • To facilitate opportunities for priority population groups to participate in healthy activities, with either physical activity and/or social engagement benefits
    • To reduce the promotion of unhealthy messages or brands which undermine Healthway objectives

    Please note: Individuals are not eligible for sponsorship support.

    View the categories of Arts Sponsorship available here.

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