Mungart Boodja Art Centre

Mungart Boodja Art Centre is the first Indigenous owned and operated art centre enterprise in Noongar country. It is working hard to develop a sustainable art centre and to develop the market for Noongar art within the broader Aboriginal arts industry and the visual arts generally.

Mungart Boodja Art Centre is an incorporated, not for profit, Indigenous arts organisation managed by the Executive Committee of Mungart Boodja Incorporated. Mungart Boodja assists Noongar artists in the Great Southern and South West regions of WA as well as the greater Perth area.

Mungart Boodja Art Centre plays a vital role in supporting the professional development of Noongar artists throughout these regions. It aims to promote, preserve and protect Indigenous cultural heritage through the arts. The Art Centre supports Indigenous artists to overcome social and economic disadvantage by facilitating the production and promotion of Noongar art and craft. The Centre provides a distribution point, gallery, exhibition space and professional skill development workshops.

Mungart Boodja is located in the Small Business Centre, 222 Chester Pass Road, Albany WA.

Mungart Boodja Albany Map

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