Roebourne Art Group

RAG March 2014

The University of Western Australia Berndt Museum’s Deputy Director, Barbara Bynder (left) and Director, Dr John E Stanton (right), pictured here unwrapping Roebourne Art Group artist Loreen Samson’s “Ore Train”. “Ore Train” was acquired for the Berndt Museum permanent collection in 2013.

Roebourne Art Group is located in Yirramagadu or Roebourne town, 1500km north of Perth and 40km east of Karratha along the North West Coastal Highway. The area is home to many different Aboriginal language groups including: Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Guruma, Banjyima, Marthuthunira and Torres Strait Islanders.

It represents artists in towns of Roebourne, Karratha, and Wickham, as well as the Cheeditha, Weymul and Ngurawanna communities.

Roebourne Art Group represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists working in the West Pilbara.

The Roebourne Art Group artists share their culture, country and stories through artwork. Aboriginal culture in this area is strong, with Aboriginal people retaining their links to country and continuing to practice Birrdara law.

Roebourne Art Group is an Aboriginal controlled and governed resource centre. The offices also function as a sales and exhibition space where visitors can view the work of the Roebourne Art Group artists.

Established in 2005 to support the growing arts industry in the West Pilbara, Roebourne Art Group artists have since exhibited widely both within Australia and overseas.

Roebourne Art Group is located on 27 Roe Street, Roebourne WA.

You can contact them via:

PO Box 20
Roebourne WA 6718
P (08) 9182 1396


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