Walkatjurra Cultural Centre

Yamarr Kanyira is the motto of Walkatjurra Cultural Centre (WCC) and it means “to be the custodian of culture and traditions”.

The Centre delivers two key activities:  the Walkatjurra Ranger Group and the Walkatjurra Art Project.

The Ranger Group provides opportunities for community members to undertake cultural maintenance activities, for youth to learn and for elders to promote their culture, and to develop opportunities
for training and livelihoods based on cultural enterprises. Ranger Group activities also provide inspiration in the community for cultural expressions in the Walkatjurra Art Project by allowing access to country and traditional lands.

The Walkatjurra Art Project is a strongly focused cultural expression activity. The northern Goldfields have a number of disparate Aboriginal artists working in the community. These artists lack institutional support, training in technique, and preparation of artworks. The Centre works with artists in the community to develop, market and sell their work. In so doing WCC will work in partnership with local government agencies, government departments, businesses and community organisations to develop an Aboriginal arts industry in the Goldfields.

Walkatjurra Cultural Centre is located in Leonora WA.

You can contact them via:

PO Box 13
Leonora WA 6438
P (08) 9037 6900