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Visiting this website
Certain information is collected whenever anyone accesses the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA website, this includes:
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Provision of personal details
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Third party websites
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Accuracy of information
The publishers of the Aboriginal Art  Centre Hub WA website have taken all possible steps to ensure that the information included within is current, accurate and reliable at the time of publishing, however it can not be guaranteed that at any time in the future, this information will not be incorrect, out of date, or out of context.
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Incoming and outgoing links
This website has a number of links to websites that are created and managed by other organisations and not subject to the publishers of the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA website's control. These organisations are solely responsible for ensuring the currency and accuracy of the information on their sites. The material may include views or recommendations of third parties, which do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA  website or indicate their commitment to a particular course of action.
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Images of Indigenous people
The publishers of the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA website respect Indigenous communities and culture. There are several images of Indigenous people included in the website.
The publishers of the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA website will rely on art centres to advise if any person featured in these images has passed away and that their photographs need to be removed from the resource.
However, people accessing the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA website should be aware that the resource may contain images and names of Indigenous people who have passed away.

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