Specialist Non-Member Director



The Aboriginal Art Centre Hub of Western Australia (AACHWA) are seeking applications for a Specialist Non-Member Director with legal expertise to join our Board. The person will have legal skills and experience in compliance, governance, corporations, and Aboriginal communities. This is an exciting opportunity to join the Board of an organisation coming in to its tenth year of operation with exciting plans for the future and a proven track record for good governance and operations.

The Aboriginal Art Centre Hub of WA (AACHWA) is the peak advocacy and resource agency for Aboriginal art centres in Western Australia. AACHWA’s primary objective is to support and promote Aboriginal art centres in WA with the aim of encouraging sustainable growth and stability. This is achieved through advocacy, business support, professional development, resource sharing, and network development.

The Specialist Non-Member Director’s role will include the following:

  • Chair the Governance Sub-Committee of the AACHWA Board;
  • Provide leadership, direction and support to the Board;
  • Work with the Member Directors of the AACHWA Board to develop and review the strategic plan and policies and procedures when required;
  • Promote and uphold principles of good governance;
  • Attend all board meetings and Governance Sub-Committee Meetings;
  • Have legal acumen to assist the Board in due diligence, governance processes, meeting procedures and compliance with relevant legislation and laws;
  • Promote effective and efficient lines of communication;
  • Promote and represent AACHWA at industry events; and
  • Undertake appropriate cross-cultural training as required.

A person is eligible for appointment if they meet the following:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • financial literacy;
  • leadership experience;
  • experience with directorships and boards;
  • commitment to uphold all the legal duties, responsibilities and obligations of a Director;
  • absence of conflicting commitments;
  • of high repute and recognised integrity and has not been convicted in a criminal proceeding or named a subject of a pending criminal proceeding (excluding traffic violations and other minor offences). Such person shall not have been found in a civil proceeding to have violated any federal or state securities or commodities law, and shall not be subject to any Court or regulatory order or decree limiting his or her business activity, including in connection with the purchase or sale of any security or commodity;
  • able to produce an acceptable National Police Certificate to the Board of Directors

Experience required for position:

  • Demonstrate experience as a director of an Australian company governed by the Corporations Act, plus a willingness to demonstrate the ability to understand and to commit to the highest standards of governance.
  • Demonstrate at least 3 years of experience as a practicing lawyer or in a related field.
  • Possesses leadership experience, and shall possess qualities reflecting a proven record of accomplishment and ability to work with others.
  • Does not have commitments that would conflict with the commitments of a Director of the Corporation.
  • Reputation and Integrity: is of high repute and recognised integrity and;
    • Is not a person who is not permitted by the Corporations Act (or an order made under the Corporations Act) or the CATSI Act to be a director;
    • Has not been disqualified (either automatically or by Court order) from managing a corporation under from doing anything else contemplated by the role of the Independent Director, under any applicable law;
    • Is not a person who has been convicted of an offence other than a traffic infringement or other minor offence.
  • Endorsement by the Member Directors of the Board of AACHWA.


The Specialist Non-Member Director for the AACHWA Board will be appointed for a period of no more than 12 months with possibility of re-appointment at the next Annual General Meeting. The expected commitment of the Board directors is approximately once per quarter each year and the Annual General Meeting. Meetings will typically be held in Perth and regional locations where AACHWA’s membership are based. The expected commitment of the Governance Sub-Committee is approximately twice each year, meetings to be held prior to AACHWA Board Meetings so that reviews of the constitution, policies and procedures or other related reports can be analysed and endorsed for recommendation to the Board of AACHWA for approval. The AACHWA Board is a volunteer commitment, no fees for meeting attendance are paid. All costs of travel for AACHWA Board meetings will be met by AACHWA.

Process of Appointment:

  • Submit an application;
  • Shortlisting;
  • Invitation to attend and present at an AACHWA Board meeting (Date TBC);
  • Appointment subject to Board Approval.


Your EOI should include a high resolution digital portrait photo, short biography (Max 200 words), CV and a letter detailing your interest and a demonstration of your eligibility.

For further information or to submit your expressions of interest, please contact Chad Creighton (AACHWA CEO) 08 9200 6248 or ceo@aachwa.com.au