Ceramics Intensive With Mowanjum Art Centre | Aug/Sep 2023

15 Artists Engaged
Facilitated by Tanya Lee, Holly O’Meehan and Robyn Lees

AACHWA spent an incredible two-weeks with Mowanjum Art Centre artists and arts workers delving into the art of working with clay, guided by the skilled hands and knowledge of ceramists Tanya Lees and Holly O’Meehan, as part of the Our Country Moves project.⁠

With a focus on nurturing fundamental ceramic skills to empower Mowanjum artists in creating diverse and unique clay objects and vessels, the talented group learnt everything from building, to stretching, piercing, slumping, carving and sgraffito, to firing, glazing, and firing once more! And as it turns out they were absolute naturals at it!

A personal highlight for our new AACHWA Project Officer Katelyn was an afternoon spent on country alongside Mowamjum artists, gathering clay from the riverbanks of boodja to sculpt into pinch pots, while others fished.

A big thanks to everyone at Mowanjum for sharing their creativity and culture with us. We can’t wait to see what amazing pieces they create next! ⁠

Our Country Moves aims to strengthen the network of art centres across WA with targeted support across management, governance, training and creating new employment opportunities through art centres and art making.