Programs and Projects


Our Future: Aboriginal Arts Worker Training Program

A program offering practical training and on-the-job experience for Aboriginal arts workers in regional and remote WA, and supporting emerging arts professionals to develop their knowledge and skills across a broad spectrum of arts and cultural specialisations.

Our Business: Aboriginal Art Centre Forum

A program supporting WA Aboriginal art centres through business training, regional partnerships, and market access. The annual forum fosters professional growth and leadership by connecting artists and managers, strengthening WA’s Arts and Culture workforce.

Our Country Moves: State-wide Arts & Business Capacity Building Project

A state-wide, multi-year project uniting WA art centres through artistic and business capacity building. The project aims to enhance skills and create employment opportunities for artists and workers while culminating in a landmark exhibition showcasing diverse Aboriginal art collaborations, setting a national benchmark.

AACHWA x Lawson Flats Exhibition Program 2024

A collaboration with Lawson Flats presenting a series of four exhibitions at the Lawson Gallery in 2024, each showcasing the unique artistic expressions of a different WA Aboriginal art centre.

Make it Real

A flagship project disrupting the fake and unethically sourced ATSI souvenir market, achieved by empowering artists and art centres to create authentic products and participate in the commercial market through new supply chain models and education campaigns.

Digital Art Project

The WA Museum Boola Bardip’s Digital Art Project exhibits the work of 150 Aboriginal artists, promoting their work on a national scale. Managed by AACHWA, it offers support, curatorial advice, and an internship program for emerging Aboriginal artists. Don’t miss the chance to view these captivating films!