Programs and Projects


OUR FUTURE 2019 – 2020

A behind the scenes look at the experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts workers attending a series of artsworker training workshops and events at WA Museum, AGWA and TAFE.

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Real or Fake

Consumers willing to pay more for authentic Aboriginal merchandise but don’t know how much is fake, study finds.

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WA Museum Boola Bardip: Digital Arts Project

AACHWA is working with the state government and WA Museum to develop content for two digital screens on the Museum facade.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Product Development Project

Disrupting the market for fake Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander merchandise and replacing it with a new industry that ensures profits from authentic products.

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AACHWA’s Aboriginal Arts Worker Internship Program 2019

Six Aboriginal arts workers from remote WA take part in the first-ever AACHWA Arts Worker Internship Program.

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AACHWA’s Art Centre Managers Forum 2019

Representatives from twelve AACHWA member art centres gathered in Broome in October for the AACHWA Art Centre Managers Forum.

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Indigenous Languages and the Arts Project 2019

This project (phase 1) was a pilot project to enable language capture; skills exchange and art-making for a small group of WA art centres.

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