Textiles Intensive Part 2 with Yamaji Art & Ku’Arlu Mangga | Apr 2024


Artists Engaged

Facilitated by Ellen Flatters

In a burst of creativity, artists from Yamaji Art and Ku’Arlu Mangga recently dove into the world of fashion during part two of our intensive textiles skills development workshop. Over four days, participants mastered pattern drafting, reading premade designs, and adjusting patterns to fit individual body shapes under the guidance of facilitator Ellen Flatters. With basic machine sewing skills in hand as well as the handprinted and hand dyed fabrics they created in part one, they embarked on seeing the project through from concept to creation. Every garment crafted during the workshop was tailored to fit its maker perfectly, showcasing their newfound expertise.

With plans for future creations already underway, these artists are hoping to showcase their work in a community fashion show towards the end of the year. ⁠

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