WA Aboriginal Arts Showcase



Our Country Moves emerged through consultation sessions undertaken by AACHWA in 2020/2021 with the Western Australian Aboriginal arts sector. Participants were invited to respond to the concept of a collective multi-art form Western Australian Aboriginal narrative exhibition.

The concept sparked broader discussion focused on strengthening, upskilling and increasing the profile of the Western Australia Aboriginal art sector. Art centre members, non-member centres and independent Aboriginal artists identified their desire to:

  • CONNECT to other Aboriginal cultures across the geographic expanse of Western Australia
  • STRENGTHEN ties throughout the network of art centres
  • DEVELOP their capacities as artists and administrators
  • STRIVE towards financial sustainability

Connecting between cultures and strengthening the sector network were identified as extremely important. Together, cultural exchange and networking will form the basis for Our Country Moves’ capacity-building programs. Through cultural exchange and networking, a program of development workshops will be delivered sector-wide to increase business and artistic capacity.


“Our Country moves. It doesn’t stay still.  It jumps like a kangaroo from one group to another.” 

– Leah Umbagai, Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre



If your organisation is interested in supporting WA Aboriginal art centres and independent artists to come together for cultural exchange, sector development and sector and community sustainability, we want to hear from you.


Chad Creighton, CEO