AACHWA Member Director Nominations

At each Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Directors of AACHWA shall be determined by a nomination and election process. As part of this process, Corporate Members (Art Centres) may nominate Individual Members (Artists) to be Directors on the board, and an election process determines the Directors of AACHWA.

Lyn Yu-Mackay (AACHWA Chair), Dianne Appleby, Hon. David Templeman, Chad Creighton (AACHWA CEO), Our Business: Aboriginal Art Centre Forum, Rubibi (Broome), 2023.

Completing the form

Please fill out the form below, which covers information about yourself and your Art Centre. You will need to demonstrate your eligibility to become a Member Director by completing the eligibility questions.

Your contribution will be greatly valued and other Directors and AACHWA staff will always support you.

By submitting this nomination form, you will be presented at the next AGM.