Our Country Moves


State-wide Arts & Business Capacity Building Project

Our Country Moves is a state-wide, multi-year project uniting WA art centres through artistic and business capacity building. It aims to enhance skills and create employment opportunities for artists and workers while culminating in a landmark exhibition showcasing diverse Aboriginal art collaborations, setting a national benchmark.

Short Term Objectives

Cultural Exchange: bringing together art centres and artists to share, exchange and connect with each other through peer-to-peer learning

Targeted Business & Arts Development: delivering programs that address the skills and knowledge gaps of art centres i.e. workshops, residencies

Presentation: offering presentation opportunities to showcase Country and culture to regional, metropolitan and national audiences i.e. exhibitions

Sector Recovery: assisting art centres to address business impacts and opportunities arising

Community & Cultural Sustainability: creating viable financial and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people to share culture in new ways. i.e paid to learn models

Project Updates


Our Country Moves. It doesn’t stay still. It jumps like a kangaroo from one group to another.


Leah Umbagai
Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre

Long Term Objectives

Our Country Moves will culminate in a landmark, world-first exhibition featuring artistic collaborations between Aboriginal artists spanning the geographic and cultural diversity of Western Australia, setting a national benchmark of long-term state-wide collaboration for other states and territories.

It is envisioned Our Country Moves will strengthen and unify the network of art centres to share knowledge and skills and increase AACHWA’s ability to lobby for increased and simplified funding opportunities for art centres and their communities.

We anticipate the learnings for Our Country Moves to have far-reaching impacts on a grassroots, state-wide and national level.

Steering Committee

Amanda Bell

South-West Region

Anawari Mitchell

Desert Region

Colleen Drage

Mid-West Region

Curtis Taylor

Pilbara Region

Murungkurr Terry Murray

Kimberley Region

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Projects Manager

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Projects Officer

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Projects Coordinator

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