ICIP Questionnaire

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  1. Name of Art Centre            
  2. On whose country are you located?         
  3. What language groups do your artists belong to? [1]     
  4. Do you have rules or processes written down (protocols) about how cultural knowledge is used by the art centre? For example, how it is recorded for the purpose of generating artwork certificates. What else? 
  5. If yes, please attach a copy? [2]       
  6. If no, how does the art centre consult with the artists about the use of cultural knowledge in their artwork?
  7. Who are the elders or senior cultural custodians that have authority to decide cultural issues?          
  8. Are they members of the art centre? Are they members of the art centre board or governance structure?         
  9. Do you need to consult with any external agency or body about such cultural issues? A land council for example?
  10. How do the artists and art centre staff access those elders and senior cultural custodians to obtain information about cultural issues?     
  11. Are there traditional stories or cultural knowledge that, for cultural reasons, the artists do not depict or include in their artwork? Why is that so? (eg secret sacred matters) Please provide detail. 
  12. Are there traditional stories or cultural knowledge that is depicted in the artwork produced by artists for sale but which the artists or elders would be reluctant to see reproduced on merchandise? Please provide detail.    
  13. Or are there certain types of merchandise that, for cultural reasons, the artists would not like to see their artwork on? (such as rugs or wine labels?) Does this apply to all artwork or just certain artworks?   
  14. Should the art centre consult with any particular group of elders or senior artists before deciding to get involved in making merchandise?  
  15. Does the art centre need consult with each artist to obtain their permission before that artist’s artwork can be reproduced on merchandise?       
  16. Are there some artworks that can be reproduced on product without consulting with the individual artist?
  17. Are permissions around reproducing artwork on merchandise documented? How?       
  18. Are there cultural protocols around the sale of product (and/or artwork) after an artist passes away? What are they?                                    
  19. If the art centre is dealing with a third party in relation to the manufacture or sale of merchandise, what restrictions are placed on them in order to ensure they behave in a culturally respectful way?    
  20. What are your practices in relation to labelling, packaging and advertising merchandise? How is the artist attributed? Their community? Their cultural heritage?  
  21. Do you have rules about how the art centre and/or third parties label and package merchandise or display it for sale?                                     

[1] Note that if you have several language groups at your art centre, there may be different answers to the following questions. You may need to complete a separate questionnaire for each language group.

[2] If your written protocols answer many of these questions, you can just provide a paragraph or page cross reference.