Regional Arts Worker Training Intensive with Warlayirti Artists | Aug 2023


8 Arts Workers Engaged

Facilitated by Jacky Cheng, Timo Krocker and Glenda Dixon

The Arts Worker training intensive at Warlayirti truly lived up to its name, with a jam-packed and highly productive three-and-a-half-day program. Participants from Warlayirti Artists and Warruyanta (Mulan) Arts Centre immersed themselves in hands-on tasks, mastering canvas measurement, cutting, stretching, priming, and unstretching. They also honed their skills in paint preparation and color mixing, perfected the art of packaging artwork, and acquired vital workplace safety knowledge. Additionally, they gained expertise in professional gallery presentation and general gallery housekeeping. To top it all off, participants also had the opportunity to get creative in a printmaking workshop!

Under the guidance of mentors Jacky Cheng, Timo Kroker (PAM Perth), and Glenda Dixon (AACHWA), participants honed their skills through hands-on learning. Each individual actively engaged in the various activities, fostering skill development in a supportive and professional setting.

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