Textiles Intensive Part 1 with Yamaji Art & Ku’Arlu Mangga | Mar 2024


Artists Engaged

Facilitated by Anita Churchill, Dora Griffiths & Ellen Flatters

We had an incredible week at Yamaji Art Centre as we kicked off the first of two textiles skills development workshops!

Artists immersed themselves in block printing and fabric dying alongside Dora Griffiths and Anita Churchill from Waringarri Arts. From designing to carving and printing, every artist crafted their own unique fabric masterpiece! But it didn’t end there – with the help of seamstress Ellen Flatters, these creations began to be transformed into stunning wearable pieces. ⁠

Huge thanks to Yamaji Art, Ku’Arlu Mangga, our facilitators Dora and Anita from Waringarri Arts, Ellen Flatters and Jacky Cheng, and the Mullewa Indigenous Women’s Group for sharing their creativity and culture. ⁠

Looking forward to Part 2 in April, be sure to stay tuned for more! ⁠

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