Watercolour & Expressionism Intensive with Yinjaa-Barni & Cheeditha | Apr 2024


13 Artists Engaged

Facilitated by Andy Quilty & Sheree Dohnt

In April, artists from Yinjaa Barni Art and Cheeditha Art Group took part in a five-day watercolour and expressionism workshop led by artists Andy Quilty and Sheree Dohnt . Sheree’s gentle and deliberate style of brushwork beautifully complemented Andy’s loud and loose mark making, providing participants with a rich and dynamic learning experience.⁠

Throughout the week, artists immersed themselves in the medium of watercolours, exploring the intricacies of portraiture and landscape painting. Embracing imperfections became a mantra, with artists celebrating their mark-making rather than seeking perfection! ⁠

A highlight for all was the unforgettable on Country trip, where art-making seamlessly intertwined with storytelling. From beautiful portraits of loved ones, captivating self-reflections and evocative landscapes, each artist left with newfound skills and perspectives.

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